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Helping solve the nurse shortage by assisting students to become nurses and helping them pay for it.             100,000 Nurses short click here to learn more
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Welcome to RN to BSN Program.org

If you want the best and most extensive information on the web about RN to BSN degree programs, you've come to the right place. We have researched every single accredited RN to BSN program in the United States and are presenting it in a way that is most valuable for you.

The benefits of an RN to BSN degree:

  • Expand career options- whether it's becoming a nurse manager, nurse practitioner, case manager, and/or obtaining your MSN, earning your BSN degree is the next step to your long-term goals. Almost all supervisory nursing roles require at least a BSN degree for consideration.

  • By becoming one of these upper level nurses, you will be able to receive a higher salary. However, even entry-level nurses typically get higher pay after completing an RN to BSN program because of the standard of care they are able to give to patients.

  • Hospitals prefer an RN to BSN degree because you will have spent a lot more time receiving the knowledge and experience necessary to give the highest quality of care to patients. While for most professions the unemployment rate is quite high, there is currently a shortage in many states for nurses. By obtaining a BSN degree you will be more likely than any other industry to immediately get a well paying job. Additionally, your advanced degree will ensure that not only are you improving the circumstances for the nurse shortage but you are also guaranteeing a much higher standard of care to patients.

  • More non-clinical and clinical training- the clinical training received with you BSN will prepare you for what to expect in health facilities and hospitals. You will see what nurses deal with on a daily basis and will have the experience to make high quality decisions in a short amount of time.

  • Receiving a higher education in nursing will give you the theoretical knowledge, experience, and higher pay that you always wanted, and it will also give you that self-recognition you deserve. Not only will you be an expert in your field, but you will also be a crucial part of our health care system, and help to be a major reason why many lives are saved.

Our database has all the information you need to get started finding the RN to BSN program that will allow you to be this imperative member of our health care system. We know that everyone has different needs when receiving their education, and the information provided here will allow you to assess each RN to BSN program so that you can find your perfect match.